Full Jobs and Apprenticeship

Full Jobs

Auto Union Trucks and Vans Service from Afumați, Ilfov, is a complete auto repair service that has been offering services since 2003. It is considered one of the most transparent and fair car services in the Bucharest/Ilfov area. We have 3 fully equipped, heated halls, completed in 2022!

Job description:

Reception Advisor/Workshop Activity Supervisor – 1 position

Knowledge of PC operation – car software;

Automotive technical knowledge;

Communication and relational skills;

Experience in a similar position.

The Faculty of Transport – the Road Vehicles section is an advantage

Car mechanic – 2 positions

Applicant profile:

Experience of at least 3 years in the automotive field
Competent multi-brand diagnosis
PC use skills (Auto Data, etc.)
Brief job description:

analyzes the technical condition of the vehicle
identifies problems and proposes solutions to solve them
perform the necessary repair operations
check the result of the intervention and hand over the car

Van and Truck Mechanic – 2 positions

Applicant profile:

Experience of at least 5 years in the repair of vans
Experience in truck repairs is an advantage
The working schedule is Monday-Friday, 09.00-18.00, with a lunch break 13.00-14.00.

It constitutes advantages:

Professional qualification for the automotive field;
Experience as a car mechanic for more than 3 years
Driving license category B;
Salary is determined directly, through negotiation.

Call no. 0040737502024
Write to marketing@auto-union.ro
Come to the Service: 48 Sperantei Str, Afumati, IF

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Apprenticeship according to Law 279/2005. The objectives of vocational training through apprenticeship at the workplace are:

to offer interested persons, over the age of 16, the opportunity to obtain a qualification in the adult vocational training system, which allows employment and further learning;
to allow employers to ensure their qualified, quality workforce according to their own requirements;
to facilitate the social integration of interested persons, over the age of 16, in accordance with the professional aspirations and the needs of the labor market;
to ensure an adequate level of security for interested persons, over the age of 16, in order to solve the problem of segmented labor markets;
to contribute to economic growth, the creation of new jobs, social cohesion and personal fulfillment;
to promote social dialogue and contribute to the development of partnerships at the local level.